GE GSD2400D02 Schematics+Diagrams

Schematics from a bygone time.

I’ve attached a scan of the electrical schematics from a GE GSD2400D02 dishwasher (also known as GSD2400D-02). The dishwasher was giving code’s C1 and C2 – essentially water isn’t draining properly. It appears a small leak in the drain shaft seal caused the solenoid actuator to rust. When the solenoid turns off, the return spring isn’t strong enough to overcome the friction and the washer remains in the drain cycle even though it’s drained all the water. Since the water damage had caused some damage to the service papers, I decided to scan them just in case they get destroyed somehow. I figure someone out there might find it helpful as well, so enjoy.

GE GSD2400D02 Schematics+Diagram

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