Mouseterpiece Theatre

The Story of An Office Mouse

Well… Mouseterpiece Theatre is not as embarrassing as this video, but it does make me question if I am spending my time wisely. Still, it was fun, and frankly, kinda neat.

What exactly is it a video of (you might ask)? A video of our local office mouse. Don’t feed your mouse these things! I don’t know if it was wrong of us to feed it chocolate and jellybeans, but it sure seemed to like them. I know the mouse didn’t get sick β€” it was back a few days later after the incident.

Why? Well… my coworker had a candybar eaten by the mouse (whom she later named Harvey). I decided we could record the mouse on a webcam, and by feeding it, could get to see up close just how small/big the mouse is. We were not clear on it’s size, whether it was a rat or a mouse.

This was the video I captured ove the course of one night (yes, he was a busy mouse). It is heavily edited β€” the mouse would scurry away for several minutes before returning to retrieve another piece of food.

Music primarily by DJ Pantshead, a song called LePopcar

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  1. Anonymous


    You guys have waaaaay too much free time at work. Harvey is uber cute though. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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