Category: Photoshop

T-Shirts for sale!

I opened a cafepress store (along with the rest of the webiverse): My Store However, the important thing is that one shirt features a photo of mine. Check it out.


Mysterious Vehicle

Maybe, *just maybe* this is it, the vehicle of my dreams… Scion xB with simulated electric bolt graphic. Still working on the vinyl graphic, trying to make it look a bit more “electric company’ish”. Also, I’m going for more of a dolphin gray.


Xbox 180?

Don’t know. I found this graphic on Engadget, but it appears they replaced it with a newer, slightly LESS appropriate image. Odd. Basically, Microsoft thought it wise to name the new Xbox as Xbox 360… however, I thought it was a stupid name, and if they had only named it Xbox 180 it would have […]