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Installing a Aux In and Garage Door Opener Into Dash

Whoa! Long title. Ok… Where to begin. Everyone has done this, at least those who are fortunate to own a MINI. Two immediate mods one attempts is the Euro Parcel Shelf, and installing an Aux In. The Euro Shelf sits below the steering wheel, and replaces the knee bolster. It adds a tiny bit of […]


iPod – the new unit of measurement

“What?”, you say incredulously, doubting my sanity. But yes, I suggest we adopt a new measurement system. Based on the iPod Yes, I know, what I am saying is silly, perhaps even foolhardy. But take a look at history, as J J O’Connor and E F Robertson see it: The earliest weights seem to have […]


Sapphire XVIII Hacking

I’ll be putting instructions inline, as some people might not have Acrobat or another type of PDF viewer. Sapphire what??? The Sapphire XVIII was one radio (of many) found in VW’s throughout their aircooled days. A place to see more pictures of these radios can be found here: Volkswagen Radios The “hacking” I did consisted […]