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So I go to this conference being put on by Apple last Thursday, it’s a “Pro Application” seminar. Before the conference started, they announced a boxed lunch would be provided. As I’m sitting there waiting for the first demonstration to begin I get to thinking. Who’s providing the lunch? Apple, or the hosting University? I pondered this thoughtfully, and came to the simple conclusion that if Apple were providing the lunch, it wouldn’t be a boring lunch. No sir-ee! It would be a Pro lunch! Think about it for a moment. We’ve got all these Pro applications from Apple:

Final Cut Studio. Tools for real-time video and audio production.
Final Cut Pro 5. Native HDV. Now editing in real time.
Soundtrack Pro. Sound is half the picture.
Motion 2. Advanced animation. Instant gratification.
DVD Studio Pro 4. Encode. Author. Burn. Deliver.
Aperture. Designed for professional photographers.
Logic Pro. Comprehensive music toolkit.
Shake. Advanced digital compositing. Already in a theater near you.

Plus the new MacBook Pro (makes you feel special, doesn’t it?), what better than to serve Pros a Pro lunch? I figure, heck, it’s no ordinary lunch! It’s a:

Apple's New Pro Hardware
BoxedLunch Pro
24 essential vitamins and minerals.


Of course, reality crashes down upon me when I realize: a) Apple does cool things, but nothing THAT cool. And b) I find out the lunch was provided by the University.

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